I am visionary explorer of the intellectual cosmos, charting a course that traverses the fertile grounds of scientific inquiry and the ethereal realms of painting. My oeuvre represents a synthesis of meticulous observation and boundless imagination, revealing the profound interconnectedness between the microcosm of nature and the macrocosm of the universe. I invite collectors on a transcendent journey, where each brushstroke and sonic layer serves as a conduit to deeper understanding and heightened consciousness. My innovative techniques and conceptual depth position my creations as coveted treasures within the contemporary art landscape, resonating with discerning audiences."


Sam Francis is a steward of both land and creativity seamlessly weaving his passion for art and environmental restoration into a vibrant tapestry. With a rich background spanning from his role as the 5th District Arts Commissioner on the Santa Barbara County Arts Commission to his international tours sharing art, meditative mantras, and devotional music.

At the heart of Francis's current studio exploration is a deep reverence for personal sovereignty, quantum resilience, and metaphysical encounter. He cultivates active surfaces, objects, individuals and communities by infusing each chance encounter with paint or person with tackle authenticity, tangible beauty, and ritual significance.

With his childhood fascination with the Farmers' Almanac, Francis has woven boundless connections between science, poetry, and the natural world. This has been actualized in his contributions to and development of educational programs for museums and botanical gardens along with contributions to large-scale art, music, and ceremonial events.

Recently, Francis started a creative initiative he has titled "Drawing on the Land.” Through mark making, meditative practice, and tending the land in and around a community garden, this open monthly gathering forms relationships and collective purpose between artists, neighbors, elders, and the Earth.

Francis's work is rooted in a profound sense of duty to the relationships and landscapes entrusted to him, transcends the boundaries of traditional artistry, embodying a holistic approach to creativity, community, and conservation.